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How to Order

Welcome to Paladin Pleasure Sculptors!

We are a fantasy adult toy company dedicated to producing high quality, body-safe toys in beautiful artisan colorations. You may have seen some of our toys on social media! We understand that figuring out the ins and outs of shopping with us can be challenging when you’re new, so we have developed this guide to help you learn the ropes!
Paladin Pleasure Sculptors sells our toys through inventory drops on our website. We also post plenty of sneak peeks and drop previews on our social media, so feel free to browse some of what will be available ahead of time! If you see something you like, the time to buy it is during the upcoming drop.

What Are Drops?

A drop is when new inventory gets uploaded on the website and becomes available for purchase! Rather than uploading individual toys as we make them, we pool all of the new inventory together and upload everything at once - these are drops! Once items go live, you will be able to browse brand new inventory, including all of the beautiful toys we previewed, and even take one home! So if you remember seeing a gorgeous toy in a preview pic earlier that week, a drop is where you’ll find those toys ready to buy!

When Are Drops?

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors refreshes our inventory pretty regularly, with colorful drops every other Saturday at 2PM CST. If you’re ever unsure of when the next drop is happening, please make sure to check out the Paladin Pleasure Sculptor Twitter or Instagram (@ppsculptors on both). Additionally, you can sign up for our newsletter to get access to exclusive sneak peeks, drop previews, and discounts!  Shopping a drop can be a lot of fun, but be warned - items tend to go fast! To give yourself the best odds of getting a toy, be sure to check out the following tips and tricks!

Tip 1: Create a Shopify account!

The first –and easiest– step is to create a Shopify account, as well as an account with Paladin Pleasure Sculptors! This will allow you to save your shipping information, payment information, and your order history. This information is all saved on Shopify’s end, and makes the process of checking out a lot easier. This can save time when rushing to buy your new favorite toy! Additionally, make sure you log in to this account beforehand. Occasionally, Shopify will ask you to verify you are the correct user or have you re-sign in, a process that can cost vital seconds. Make sure you check that you are correctly logged in BEFORE drop time, so that you don’t get caught waiting on a code.

Tip 2: Show up on time!

To give yourself the best shot at the toy you’re after, make sure to show up on time to the drop! Toys tend to sell pretty quickly, and Shopify does not have the capability for cart holds, meaning items in your cart are still available for purchase to others and can sell out. Because of this, time is of the essence! Some individuals find it helpful to set an alarm for a few minutes before the drop to ensure they remember and attend on time.

Tip 3: Set alarms!

Life can get pretty hectic, and it’s easy to forget when a drop is happening. Sadly, if you aren’t there right when inventory drops, it can cost you the toy you wanted. In order to be sure you can make it to the drop on time, we recommend you use an alarm or reminder close to drop time! Make sure to give yourself enough time to open our website, use any filters, and settle in. A couple minutes can be the difference between walking away with the toy of your dreams, or being left empty handed.

Tip 4: Use filters!

Drops can be hectic, as so many toys load into inventory all at once. If you are looking for one particular model or pour, filters can help you find the specific items you are after! We have individual shopping tabs for every model and squishes, in addition to letting you filter by date, by price, and title alphabetically. These filters can help you find the specific model or size/specifications you are looking for much faster!

Tip 5: Use Shopify Buy Now!

Often, by the time you add a toy to your cart and go to checkout manually, desirable toys will have already sold out. Although this is entirely on Shopify’s end and not anything we at Paladin Pleasure Sculptors can fix, we understand that missing out because of this can be super disappointing. To prevent this, the best way to guarantee a fast checkout process is to utilize the “Buy Now!” button on an item listing. This allows users to “skip” the section of manually filling out address and payment information, and takes you directly to the purchase page. One click and you’ve secured the toy!

I saw a toy I want on Twitter, but it wasn’t on the website!

We post previews of toys on our social media! These are usually pours we have done for an upcoming drop, which means they have not yet been listed. If you see something you like, make sure to check when our next drop is - we usually post the date in our profile. Then, make sure to follow the above tips - set an alarm, show up on time, and use filters. The vast majority of preview pictures we post will feature toys that will be in the very next drop. Additionally, the day before our drops, we usually do a full thread with previews of listing pics for a few of each model that will be in the drop. That way you can browse and “window shop” in advance!

Use caution when clicking refresh! Shopify has implemented a system to try and reduce botting. Individuals who refresh too frequently, or too fast, may run the risk of getting locked out at drop time. We recommend beginning to refresh about a minute before the drop, but not spamming refresh or clicking too frequently.

Warning - Botting:
We at Paladin Pleasure Sculptors do not condone the use of bots or external programs to aid in shopping drops, as it provides an unfair and unethical advantage to those using them. Anyone found to be using bots will be permanently banned from shopping with us.
All of this wonderful information was compiled and written by the lovely @ThiccThighChick on Twitter. She is a well known community member and seasoned drop shopper!